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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
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The Seville Gate

Puerta de Sevilla The Seville Gate leads to the popular district of San Basilio, which is famous for its beautiful gardens. Its name comes from the Middle Ages when it was the gateway which travellers set out from to reach the province of Seville. It is a small gateway, made up of a single entrance topped with a lintel. The most striking features are the small twin arches, attached at right angles to the stretch of city wall to one side of the gate, with a square watchtower on the end. Recent studies have dated this building to the Islamic era, but they are not sure whether it was used for military purposes, or was in fact part of an aqueduct.
Just in front of the gateway there is a 20th century statue of Ibn Hazam, by the master sculptor Ruiz Olmos. A walkway leads from the Seville Gate to the river, following the city walls, where floodlighting has recently been installed, funded by the Town Hall's Plan for Excellence in Tourism. These city walls are a Christian work from the 14th century, built as a defensive wall for the Castle of the Christian Monarchs.


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