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A wealth of natural resources
Tiempo Córdoba

The Province

Castle of AlmodovarThe province of Cordoba is full of areas of countryside of remarkable ecological interest and towns with a rich artistic and historical patrimony where time seems to have stood still.

The province of Cordoba contains two of the most important towns in Andalusia during the Baroque period:  Priego and Lucena, whose churches and shrines reflect the architectural styles of the 17th and 18th centuries. 

Zuheros, nestling in the hills of the Subbetica range, is one of the most attractive and popular towns in the south of Spain, together with Montoro, with its old quarter looking over the meandering bends of the River Guadalquivir. Almodóvar del Río, next to the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, has one of the most perfectly preserved castles in Andalusia, and from its towers and battlements all the tumultuous history of the province seems to echo down the years.

Historic quarters, beauty spots in the country, traditional festivals which delight the tourists, charming nooks and crannies hidden in corners of the old towns... all of these are just a taste of what the province of Cordoba holds for visitors.

For further information: Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Córdoba

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