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The Montilla-Moriles Wine Trail

The Montilla-Moriles Wine Trail invites you to discover the history and culture of the wines from the Montilla-Moriles Denomination of Origin, and to enjoy the people, the countryside, the cuisine and the rich monumental heritage which go hand in hand with the production of these wines.

These full-bodied wines originate in the heart of Andalusia, in the south of the Cordoba province, especially in the Superior Quality areas of the Montilla hills and the Los Pagos area in the Moriles hills.

The wines are produced using a technique known as "velo de flor" - a floating layer of yeast on the surface - and matured and oxidised in American oak casks or barrels, in areas called criaderas or soleras, giving the wines their distinctive quality.

The wines which the visitor can taste when visiting are as follows:
-Joven (Young wine): Serve very cold, to accompany fish or sea-food
-Fino: Ideal to accompany tapas
-Amontillado: King of the full-bodied wines, a perfect accompaniment for cold meats, salted fish and mature cheese
-Oloroso: An ideal tipple to accompany a mid-morning or mid-evening snack
-Pedro Ximénez: Sweet wine made from raisins to accompany all desserts

The Montilla-Moriles Wine Trail features Cordoba, the meeting point of the Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures. Fernán Núñez, with its Ducal Palace and surroundings. Montemayor, with its medieval castle and look-out point visible for many miles around. La Rambla, centre of the traditional Cordoban pottery trade. Montilla, famous for its wine-cellars and site of the future Andalusian Museum of Wine. Aguilar de la Frontera, with its fascinating heritage of noble buildings and unusual octagonal main square. Moriles, with its many traditional whitewashed country houses standing out from a green sea of vines. Puente Genil, famous for its peculiar processions and Holy Week traditions and Lucena, a Jewish city in Medieval times, whose famous Moslem castle held the Arab leader Boabdil prisoner.

Map of Montilla-Moriles Wine Trail
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