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The colours of Cordoba
Tiempo Córdoba

The Fair of Cordoba (Spain)

The Cordoba Fair is usually held at the end of May, to mark the feast of Our Lady of la Salud (Health). The special fairground in el Arenal  is very easy to get to and horse-riders and men or women in gypsy dress can be seen in the casetas (individual enclosures belonging to each association) which are laid out in orderly rows in the different streets of the fairground. All the casetas are public, and the doors are open for visitors to enter any they like, which is half the fun of it all.

The uplifting sound of Sevillanas, the fino wine, the tapas, the Cordoban hat and the peinetas (ornamental combs worn by the women) make the Cordoba Fair as amazing an experience as any of the other Andalusian fairs.

The Cordoba Fair 2019: From 18th to 25th May (dates to confirm)
Until the complete information about the Cordoba Fair 2019 is ready, we suggest you to take a look at the information of 2018 below (it uses to be very similar each year):

The Cordoba Fair 2018: From 19th to 26th May.
Click here to download the MAP and PROGRAMME of the 2018 Cordoba Fair

How to get there?:
-Cordoba Fair - Special bus service: Click here

-Taxi: +34 957 764 444 / 957 789 789 /

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