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The Enigma of Cordoba (Spain) - Group Activity

The Enigma of Cordoba (Spain) is a fun cultural activity for groups which tests your knowledge about Cordoba through an interactive game. It is aimed at all types of groups: schools, incentives, conferences, associations, and so on.

The Enigma of Cordoba brings participants closer to the historic World Heritage quarter, its history and the main monuments of Cordoba, following a route along which there are different kinds of questions to answer.

The questions cover a wide range of topics connected to our heritage such as gastronomy, history, ethnographic issues, urban and cultural landmarks, and involve taking pictures or videos and finding hidden QR codes to solve other puzzles, among other challenges.

To do this, each team which takes part has an IPad that guides you along the route and the various challenges using GPS technology. This allows the teams to receive clues, information, images and videos of the city, send annoying distractors to other competing teams, be warned about robot attacks, learn about the prizes that can be won by accumulating points and use augmented reality to obtain clues, etc.

The Enigma of Cordoba - Vente! Tourist Consultants
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