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The climate in Cordoba

The weather in Cordoba today is:
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Weather in Cordoba

The climate in Cordoba is influenced by both atmospheric changes and geographical factors. The climate could be considered Mediterranean, although there are Continental features too, as the city generates its own micro-climate.

The masses of humid air which roll in from the Atlantic meet the barrier of the Sierra (mountain range), which produces regular rainfall in the mountainous areas. In this way, by the time the air reaches Cordoba most of its humidity has disappeared. The Sierra Morena, therefore, acts as a major physical barrier which stops the arrival of rain from the Atlantic, where the rain clouds form.

The main source of rainfall for the city is, in fact, the Guadalquivir Valley. Warm air masses from the north of Africa, passing through the Gulf of Cadiz, arrive unhindered by any mountainous areas and produce rainfall all along the Guadalquivir Valley, especially in autumn and spring.

The city of Cordoba has a high sunshine rate, with an average of 143 clear days, and only 76 cloudy days.

Temperatures are highest in the summer months, while the averages for the rest of the year are pleasantly mild.

  Average temperature Maximum temperature
January 9.5 ºC 19.5 ºC
February 10.6 ºC 21.8 ºC
March 12.9 ºC 25.8 ºC
April 15.5 ºC 29.3 ºC
May 19.4 ºC 34.3 ºC
June 23.3 ºC 38.5 ºC
July 27.1 ºC 41.4 ºC
August 26.8 ºC 40.9 ºC
September 23.8 ºC 37.5 ºC
October 18.4 ºC 31.6 ºC
November 13.1 ºC 24.8 ºC
December 9.9 ºC 19.7 ºC
Yearly 17.5 ºC 30.4 ºC
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