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A wealth of natural resources
Tiempo Córdoba

Sierras Subbeticas Natural Park

The Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park is in the south of the province, about 70km from Cordoba, and includes a number of attractive villages such as Luque, Zuheros, Priego or Rute. The eroding limestone rock has created abrupt formations and typical features of limestone karst of great interest to geologists, such as lapies (weathered limestone with deep grooves), steep gullies or poljes (sunken valleys). The evergreen oak is the commonest tree in the sunny areas facing south, whereas on the north-facing slopes, the gall oak is more abundant. Near the attractive village of Zuheros, with its Arabic castle, is the Cave of the Bats, which is of enormous geological and archaeological interest: groups can visit the cave on guided tours.

The park can be reached from Cordoba by the N-432 main road.

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