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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
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Royal Collegiate Church of San Hipólito

Real Colegiata de San Hipólito Alfonso XI founded the primitive church here in 1343 as part of a monastery and royal pantheon. Some years later, Pope Clement VI named it as a Royal Collegiate Church. The church is situated in the pedestrian precinct of Gran Capitan, and the royal remains were brought here from the Cordoban cathedral in 1728. The church was finished in 1726 and the most interesting features are the church itself and the courtyard. The main entrance is decorated with a statue of San Hipólito in a niche, and it is famous for being the first Cordoban building to employ the tapering pilaster, or estipite, so characteristic of 18th century architecture. The church has a single nave, and the Medieval Gothic reredos still survives to this day. In the presbytery are the royal sepulchres of Kings Fernando IV 'the Summoned' and Alfonso XI 'the Justice-giver'.

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