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Luis María Ramírez de las Casas Dezas (erudito)

Ramírez de Arellano (scholar) Born in Cordoba in 1802, Luis Maria Ramirez de la Casas Dezas was definitely one of the most significant historians in 19th century. He belonged to the Academy of Sciences, Fine Arts and Letters, for which he was secretary and censor until his death.

He studied medicine, but soon changed, to concentrate on history, later becoming Professor of Geography and History of the Provincial Institute of Secondary Education in Cordoba.
He wrote many poetic works, perhaps the most outstanding of which was the Oda a la libertad de los griegos, (Ode to the Freedom of the Greeks) written in 1841. His favourite topic was history, especially local Cordoban history, as can be seen, for example, in his “Collection of Auto-da-fe Ceremonies, held by the Tribunal of the Inquisition in Cordoba (1236-1850)”.

His book Indicador de Córdoba (Cordoba indicator), was a painstakingly detailed guide for visitors with historical and geographical information and references to the main monuments in Cordoba.
He left behind many unpublished works, which he was unable to finance because of economic difficulties, and which are now in public or private libraries.

Another interesting work was his Collection of Biographies, written in four volumes, with over 1,600 pages, and dated between 1855 and 1874.
Ramírez de las Casas Deza’s historical research left an outstanding contribution to Cordoban historical writing for over half a century.
He died in Cordoba in the year 1909.

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