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Ramírez de Arellano (scholar)

Ramirez de Arellano (scholar)The Ramírez de Arellano family have been closely linked to the history of Cordoba ever since their arrival in this city.
Antonio Ramírez de Arellano y Baena was born in Baena in 1792. He was a Member of Parliament in the Cadiz Parliament, and returned to Cordoba after the death of Fernando VII, and he wrote legal works as well as the occasional poem.

Carlos Ramírez de Arellano y Gutiérrez de Salamanca was born in Aguilar de la Frontera in 1814. He studied law in Salamanca and Seville, and went on to write poetry and scholarly works such as the Biographical Catalogue of Writers born in the Province or Diocese of Cordoba.
He died in Granada in 1874.

Feliciano Ramírez de Arellano y Gutiérrez de Salamanca was born in Cadiz in 1826. He studied for a law degree in Madrid and became a magistrate there, and his works appeared in his Collection of Unpublished Documents on the History of Spain.

Teodomiro Ramírez de Arellano y Gutiérrez de Salamanca was born in Cadiz in 1828 and came to Cordoba while he was still a child. He studied teaching in Madrid and Córdoba, and later became a civil servant in civil government administration in Cordoba, Seville and Ciudad Real. In 1873 he published the work for which he would be remembered, Paseos por Córdoba (Walks round Cordoba).
He died in Cordoba in the year 1909.

Rafael Ramírez de Arellano was born in Cordoba in 1854. He wrote an extensive body of legal works, biographical and critical studies, as well as a biographical catalogue of the writers of the province and diocese with a description of their works.


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