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Rafael Orozco Flores (musician)

Rafael Orozco Flores (musician) Rafael Orozco Flores was born in 1946, and has been acclaimed in all the major music centres in the world as one of the leading Spanish pianists and one of the most outstanding concert performers on the international music scene. In addition, his latest recordings of Schubert, Liszt and, especially the Iberian Suite of Albeniz, recorded by the highly-prestigious French label Gran Prix du Disque, have given a spectacular boost to his recording career, after years of self-imposed absence from the recording studios.

His reputation as an international musician did not stop him feeling Cordoba was his home, and after thirty years? absence from the city, he loved to visit the place again, stroll around the streets and squares in the company of friends, and remember his childhood and early adolescence under the watchful eye of his aunt Carmen Flores, a piano teacher at the Music School. After the age of fifteen, his memories were like flashbacks: images of his concerts in Madrid, London, Siena and Paris... and the names of the maestros who taught him - Cubiles, Weissenberg, Curcio, Guillels or Agosti ? who would fill up the subsequent pages of his life. One day would stand out above all the rest: the day on which he won first prize in the Leeds Piano Competition (United Kingdom), which really made his career take off and enabled him to meet the great maestros like Karajan, Berenboim, Giulini, Mutti or Maazae. He was only twenty at the time. Since then he has been a permanent fixture in the concert programmes of the Orchestras of Berlin, Cleveland, Vienna, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Chicago or New York, as well as in the Edinburgh, Prague, Aldeburgh or Santander Festivals, to name but a few.
His performances consistently demonstrated his refined sensitivity and sheer virtuosity.

This famous pianist has held the title of Hijo Predilecto de la Ciudad (Favourite Son of Cordoba), and the Gold Medal of the City since 1987 as recognition of an international career packed with success and awards.

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