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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
Tiempo Córdoba

Parish Church of la Trinidad

The Convent of la Santísima Trinidad (the Holy Trinity) was founded in 1241 after the Christian conquest. After the dissolution of the monasteries, it became a military barracks and the church became the Parish Church of San Juan y Todos los Santos (St. John and all the Saints). The building is attributed to the architect Francisco Hurtado Izquierdo, and was begun in the mid-17th century. The most interesting feature of the main façade is the entrance, dating from 1703, with its spiralling (Salomonic) columns in the top section, which were used for the first time in Cordoba. Soon, the church became known as a prototype Baroque church. It has a single nave with high walls, covered by a half-cannon vaulting broken only by lunettes with windows. The altarpiece is the work of Juan Fernández del Río in 1724, and with its exuberantly decorative style and minute attention to detail, is considered a masterpiece of Cordoban Baroque art.

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