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Pablo García Baena (poet)

Pablo Garcia Baena (poet) Pablo Garcia Baena was born in Cordoba in 1923, and was a contemporary poet and one of the founders and directors of the magazine "Cántico" (Canticle) together with Ricardo Molina and Juan Bernier.

He went to school at the López Diéguez State School and later at the French School and la Asunción Royal College. He also studied Drawing and History of Art in the School of Art and Applied Crafts.

In 1940, he met Juan Bernier in the Provincial Library, who encouraged him to take up reading Proust, Juan Ramón and Cernuda.

In 1942, he had his first play, an enactment of four poems about San Juan de la Cruz, performed at the Grand Theatre of Cordoba and began to have poems and sketches published in the local newspaper, often signing his work with a capital "E". He later had work published in "El Español" and "La Estafeta Literaria" under his real name or under the pseudonym Luis de Cárdenas. In 1947, together with Ricardo Molina he entered work, unsuccessfully, for the "Adonais" prize for poetry. This official rejection led him to found the magazine "Cántico" (Canticle) (1947) which soon converted Cordoba into the poetic capital of Andalusia.

In 1964, together with other friends, he went on a Mediterranean tour, including the French Rivière, the Italian coast, Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples, Capri, Athens, Delphos, Athos, Cairo and Alexandria. He returned in 1965 and settled in Malaga.

Pablo García Baena was awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize in 1984, the same year he was named Favourite Son of the City of Cordoba.

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