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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
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Museum of the Inquisition - former Torture Gallery

This exhibition can be found in the heart of the historic centre of Cordoba, in the Jewish Quarter - the ideal place to travel back in time to some of the most gruesome periods of our history.

This private collection spans the 13th to the mid-19th century and features a wide variety of complex torture machines and processes, based on documented evidence in various languages and numerous illustrations, in which you can almost feel in your bones each of the methods of torture used by the criminal courts of the time.

700 years of history in which these barbaric penalties were imposed for petty crimes, differences of belief or other equally unreasonable causes which often defy explanation.

The basic purpose in the five rooms is to raise awareness and demonstrate the cruel excesses committed through these inhuman means of torture and humiliation, which were inflicted on thousands of European citizens. This way, we can make a telling comparison between the total deprivation of human rights which existed then and freedom which we fortunately enjoy today.

Entrance fee: 3 euros
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Phone: +34 957 474 508 - 630 888 887

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