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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
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Maimónides This celebrated Cordoban Jewish doctor and philosopher, whose real name was Moshes (Moses) Ben Maimon, was born in Cordoba in the year 1135. The Almohad period was characterised by intense political and religious conservatism and Maimonides and his family were forced to seek exile first in Fez in 1158, then in Palestine and finally in Fustat, Egypt in 1165. Here he was such a successful medical practitioner that he became personal doctor to Saladin, who later named him spiritual leader of the Jewish minority in Egypt, a role he carried out until his death in 1204. His most famous philosophical and theological works are, respectively, Repetition of the Law and Guide to the Perplexed. His best known work in the field of medicine is the Book of Aphorisms.

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