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Legendary Courtyards - Casa de las Cabezas

La Casa de las Cabezas (The House of the Heads), with its four legendary courtyards, and its narrow alleyway dating from Arabic times, which is known as the "Seven Sons of Lara" or the "Alleyway of the Arches", is a fine example of the traditional houses with courtyards found in Cordoba, which originate from the Middle Ages.

According to local legend, the building used to be a fortress belonging to Muslim leader Almanzor, where Gonzalo Gustioz, father of the Seven Children of Lara, was imprisoned. One day, the decapitated heads of his seven sons were presented to him on a (large) silver platter. As the story goes, the heads were displayed as trophies in the alley, one hanging from each arch, which is why the seven arches are preserved in this narrow lane, and why the main street, until this day, goes by the name “Calle Cabezas” (Street of the Heads).

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