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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
Tiempo Córdoba

Las Ermitas (The Hermitages) - Cordoba (Spain)

At about 10 miles by road from the city, on the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountain range, in the area known as the Wilderness of Nuestra Señora de Belén, stands the group of buildings known as Las Ermitas (the Hermitages). They were founded in the 18th century by Brother Francisco de Jesús, although hermits had occupied this spot since the Middle Ages. The first building was completed in the year 1703, and all together thirteen hermit's cells were built, which since 1957 have been maintained by the Discalced (Shoeless) Carmelites. From the grounds, there are stunning views over the city of Cordoba and the Guadalquivir valley, with the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, erected in 1929 by Lorenzo Coullaut Valera, dominating the skyline.

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