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A wealth of natural resources
Tiempo Córdoba

Lagunas del Sur Natural Reserve

The South Cordoba Wetlands are made up of a group of wetlands which were declared Nature Reserves in 1989 because of their special value as over-wintering and nesting sites for migratory birds.
The group of wetlands consist of: Laguna Amarga, Laguna de Tíscar, Laguna de Zoñar, Laguna del Rincón, Laguna de los Jarales and Laguna del Salobral, all situated in the south of the province, near the villages of Lucena, Aguilar de la Frontera, Puente Genil, Baena and Luque.
The group of lakes are an ideal destination for tourists, not only for their wildlife, but also for the historical and cultural interest of the surrounding towns. 

Country walks:
- Observatory walk (Laguna de Zoñar)
- La Carrizosa ("Path through the rushes") (Laguna de Zoñar)

- Visitors Centre (Laguna de Zoñar): +34 957 335 252 
- El Lagar (Laguna del Rincón): +34 957 335 250

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