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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
Tiempo Córdoba

Houses and Palaces

Inn of  el Potro
Palace of Viana
Palace of Villalones family or Orive
Palace of Paez de Castillejo Family
House of Las Campanas (the Bells)
Palace of la Merced
Palace of Marquises of Benameji
Mudejar House
House of la Concha(the shell)
Palace of el Bailio
House of the Indian
Palace of Emperor Max.Herculeus
Palace of Congresses & Exhibitions
Palace of Fdez. de Mesa family
Palace of the Muñices family
Palace Rodrigo Mendez Sotomayor
House of the Luna Family
Palace of the Viscounts of Miranda
Municipal Archives
Carbonell House
House of las Comedias
Palace of the Aguayo Family
Palace of Marquises of el Carpio
Episcopal Palace
House of the Guild of Santiago
Palace of the Venegas family
Ayuntamiento de Córdoba