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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
Tiempo Córdoba

House of la Concha (the shell)

Casa de la Concha This stately home, situated in the Plaza de la Concha, was renovated in 1963 by Rafael de la Hoz, and today is the home of the Teresian Institute. The classical gateway leads via an angled porch into the main courtyard, which has arches on three of its sides. Here you can find the two most notable features which the renovation left standing: the magnificent semicircular staircase and the chapel.  Along one side of the house runs the callejón del Pañuelo (The Alley of the Handkerchief), the narrowest street in Spain. The houses at the end of this alley are remarkably small, to fit into the available space, and there is a small fountain at the end.

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba