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Tiempo Córdoba

Gastronomy of Cordoba

The cuisine of Cordoba is the result of a long tradition which can be seen in the variety of its dishes, the huge number of restaurants, taverns and bars all over the city and in the prestige which it enjoys on a national level.The different peoples and civilizations which passed through Cordoba also left their mark in the local cuisine. The Romans introduced the use of olive oil, which is widely used and highly-prized in this area, and set the norms for what would later become known as Mediterranean cuisine.

The Arab influence, too, can be seen in the use of nuts and dried fruit, vegetables, in the mixture of sweet and sour flavours and finally in cakes and sweets, which were also influenced by Jewish culinary traditions.

The arrival of the Christians brought an increased use of meat as well as maintaining the best culinary traditions from the cultures previous to the conquest.

No one can really get to know Cordoba without trying and enjoying its cuisine and joining in the local culture of eating and drinking well.

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