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Fernando de las Infantas (musician)

Fernando de las Infantas (musician) Fernando de las Infantas was born in Cordoba in 1534, and was considered the most notable Cordoban musician of all time.

He moved to the court of Philip II and won his favour – the king went on to be his friend and Fernando dedicated all his works to him.

He moved to Italy and it was there where he wrote his greatest compositions, although it was there too where he met misfortune. The aim of his Italian trip was to finish off editing his works in the famous Venetian printing presses, but he spent most of his time trying to resist the revival of plainchant, which Pope Gregory XIII had entrusted to a commission headed by Palestrina, the famous maestro of the Vatican chapel. About 1584 he finally gave up music for good and took religious vows, a move he was little prepared for, but which allowed him to spend time researching into theology. He soon got into trouble, getting involved on the side of the Molinists in their debate with the Scholastics, which won him new enemies who made life impossible for him. He took refuge in France and there published his Tractatus de Praedestinatione (Tract on Predestination) and later, in Coln, his Liber divinae Lucis (Book of Divine Light). Both works were banned by the church.

He died in 1609.

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