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Emilio Luque (doctor)

Emilio Luque (doctor)At the beginning of the 20th century, Enrique de Luna y Martínez and Vicente Ortiz y Lara were heads of the Surgical Services in Cordoba Provincial Hospital; in 1906 the latter’s place was taken over by Emilio Luque Morata (1875-1939), who was very well known in the city for his work in the Home Assistance Unit, in which for many years he was one of the leading doctors in Cordoba. As a doctor and surgeon, his technical prowess, sound reasoning and clinical knowledge were such that in the words of Doctor Ruiz Maya, modern medicine can be said to have begun in Cordoba with him. He combined his good work in the hospital with humanistic interests which led him to become a member of the Royal Academy of Cordoba.

The monument dedicated to Emilio Luque is a sign of esteem and admiration towards a doctor who spent his life’s work carrying out his profession with extreme skill, sound wisdom and total dedication to his patients. At the same time, his good-natured sincerity and open generosity won the lasting respect not only of his patients, who looked to him to cure their illnesses, but also of all those who knew him and had dealings with him. He was deservedly given the award of Hijo Predilecto de Córdoba (Favourite Son of Cordoba).

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