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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
Tiempo Córdoba

Córdoba Monuments, The world heritage site

Córdoba MonumentalCordoba is a city of orange blossom and dark eyes, a silhouette embraced by the river Guadalquivir. Every inch of this city exudes an ancient wisdom, passed down by the different races which have occupied the city since time immemorial. From its earliest prehistoric settlements, through the Roman and Moslem occupations, Cordoba has always enjoyed a mixture of cultures and races which has been one of its most precious possessions, along with its unbeatable monuments and impressive cultural legacy. So much so, that in 1994, the UNESCO declared part of the old historic centre of Cordoba a World Heritage Site.

What makes a visit to Cordoba such an unforgettable experience is precisely this melting pot of the cultures which once inhabited the city. Stepping out of one period of history and into another is as easy as turning the corner into another street or passing from the rows of columns in the Mosque into the Christian cathedral.


Ayuntamiento de Córdoba