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Cordoba Film Office
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Cordoba Film Office

What is the Cordoba Film OfficeCórdoba Film Office logo
The Cordoba Film Office is an office in the Cordoba City Council which is part of the regional entity the Andalucía Film Commission. It is in charge of promoting and managing filming and audiovisual productions in the city of Cordoba. Since 2001, the Cordoba Film Office has been meeting the requirements of professionals in the audiovisual sector by providing information on locations, processing legal permits and, as a final objective, encouraging the use of the city as a natural set for filming. The Cordoba Film Office's goal is to provide production companies and professionals all the facilities they need so that they can take advantage of the fabulous stage of the city of Cordoba.

-Free advisory services
-Legal permit processing
-Point of contact with local administrations
-Location search
-Point of contact with local professionals in the sector (accommodation, restaurants, transport, audiovisual, electricians, blacksmiths, make-up artists...)

Cordoba Film Office
C/ Capitulares, 1 - 14071 Córdoba - Spain 
Tel: +34 957 499 900 Ext. 17346 

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