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Above all, quality
Tiempo Córdoba

Commitment to Quality Tourism

One definition of quality might be «achieving maximum satisfaction for the customer at the most economical cost for the company».

Only relatively recently have companies started to take quality seriously and its meaning has evolved considerably over the years. In the nineteen forties people only talked about products, while in the sixties, steps were taken to expand the services offered. In the eighties, the concept of Total Quality appeared, and in the nineties the idea of Excellence in Tourism. At present, the most up-to-date quality systems include concepts such as destinations or self-evaluation mechanisms.

Such is the case with the Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística Española en Destino (Integral System for Quality in Tourism in Spain as a Destination - S.I.C.T.E.D. in Spanish), which the Cordoba Local Tourist Board has been implementing in our city since the year 2003.

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba