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Cordoba, World Heritage Site
Tiempo Córdoba

Church of San Rafael

An extremely significant event in the city's history took place near the church of San Lorenzo: it was here that, in 1578, the Archangel San Rafael (St. Raphael) appeared to Father Roelas and swore that he would protect the city and its inhabitants. On that very spot, between the end of the 18th century and the start of the 19th, a church dedicated to the Archangel's oath was built by Juan Antonio Cárdenas. The impressive main entrance includes sculptures of San Rafael, San Acisclo and Santa Victoria (the Holy Martyrs who are patron saints of the city). Inside, there are three naves supported by pillars which focus on the central part of the church as well as creating a sense of depth, and the area of the presbytery is in the centre, in a square area covered by a cupola. The main altar houses a delicate, small temple of gold-painted wood, which provides an unrivalled backdrop for the image of San Rafael sculpted by Gómez de Sandoval in 1735.

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba