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Cayetano Muriel (Niño de Cabra) (Flamenco singer)

Cayetano Muriel "Niño de Cabra"  (Flamenco singer) Cayetano Muriel was born in Cabra, a village in the province of Cordoba, in 1870, and he was considered the most faithful and talented disciple of Antonio Chacón. The recordings of El Niño de Cabra (The Boy of Cabra) have now been recovered, and show him not to be simply an imitator of his great master, but a great singer in his own right, albeit using the same formula Chacon used at that time: a fine musical ear, an exquisite sense and taste in music, and a long drawn-out voice with free-flowing modulations and a highly-personalised delivery. He may have repeated some of Chacon’s songs in his repertoire; however, they were more like re-workings of the songs with his own personal style stamped on them. Antonio Chacón held Cayetano in great esteem - and the feeling was mutual – in 1890 they had performed together in the El Burrero Café in Seville.
He toured Spain, but never liked the idea of travelling to America and in about 1910, stopped singing in public for good.

He left a number of recordings on 78 r.p.m.: 23 personalised fandangos, including the Lucena fandangos; 15 malagueñas; 13 soleares; 12 cartageneras; 9 guajiras; 7 tangos and tientos; 6 siguiriyas; 3 granaínas; 2 medias granaínas; 1 taranta y la caña - all of which had his own unmistakeable style stamped on the Flamenco song-types.

Widespread recognition arrived with the first Cante Jondo (Flamenco song) competition in Cordoba (1956) and he left his mark on future editions, in 1959 and again in 1971. The name of El Niño de Cabra lives on to this day in the National Flamenco Competitions of Cordoba as one of the prizes bears his name.
He died in the year 1974.

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