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Carlos Rodríguez López-Neyra (chemist)

Carlos Rodríguez López-Neyra was a chemist, and was born in Cordoba in 1885. He finished his higher studies in the Faculty of Science of Seville and in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Madrid, where he became a doctor.

In 1911, at the age of 26, he was appointed to the Professorship of Mineralogy and Zoology of the University of Granada, which in 1945 was divided into Mineralogy and Parasitology. He stayed in the latter until his retirement in 1955. His studies were wide and he visited Germany, France (Pasteur Institute) and Austria (Institute of Zoology). Between 1927 and 1939 he was a member of the International Commission of Parasitology.

He returned to Granada and as a result of his work, the Superior Council of Scientific Research created the National Institute of Parasitology in 1942, now called the López-Neyra Institute, where he was director until his death in 1958. Here he carried out intensive research work, producing over 200 publications and 12 occasional papers, such as Parasite Worms of Man and Animals or Animal Parasitology.

He was a registered member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Granada, the Academy of Exact Physical and Natural Sciences of Madrid and Zaragoza, and honorary doctor of the Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Schools of Cordoba.

In 1956, he received the first March prize for Scientific Research. He was deacon of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Vice-Rector of the University, and assistant professor of Parasitology in the Faculty of Medicine of Granada and the Natural Science Museum in Madrid. He was also named a member of the International Commission of Parasitology from 1927 to 1939. He won the Civil Order of Alfonso X "the Wise", presented him by the Minister de Education, Joaquín Ruiz-Jiménez and was named Adopted Son of the city of Granada.

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