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Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens This Botanical Gardens were opened in 1987 as a centre for plant culture. There is a wide variety of plant collections, each assigned to a particular area of the gardens. The tour starts off at the arboretum, which imitates a natural forest, and leads past the different greenhouses, the agricultural school, the rose garden, the main gardens and, last but not least, the Museum of Paleobotany, which give us considerable insight into the different plant species which have existed throughout history. The Museum of Paleobotany has a permanent exhibition which illustrates, through a series of modules and instruments, the place of plants in society.  Finally, the Museum of Water, part of the Martos Water Mill, shows us its own particular view of history through the perspective of local culture, water management and the traditional uses of plants, whether as a food source (flour from cereals), the dying of cloths and textiles, the tanning of animal skins or the manufacture of vegetable fibres. The garden looks out over the River Guadalquivir, with its water mills serving as look-out posts, which makes it all the easier for the visitor to appreciate and learn more about the plants and flowers of our river banks and meadows.

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