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Q Quality Tourism
Tiempo Córdoba

Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of the system for the customer

  • Quality guaranteed for the products and services offered by certified establishments.
  • Customer participation in continuous improvement in the certified establishment (dealing with minor problems, complaints, suggestions and questionnaire systems).
  • Greater confidence in the professionalism of the staff.
  • Adaptation of services to customer needs and expectations.
  • Greater assurance for the customer in the choice of establishments holding this certificate.

Advantages of the system for companies

  • Improved corporate management, which is reflected in the excellence of the product and therefore becomes a competitive differentiation strategy.
  • Increased staff training, which reinforces their motivation and contributes to their integration.
  • Availability of a specific management tool for the tourism sector which is being continually updated.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, since the Quality System permits their expectations to be met.
  • Immersion of the establishment in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Recognition by the tourism industry, tour operators and customers.
  • Use of the "Q" symbol as a promotion and marketing instrument.
  • New vision of the establishment as an unit
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