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Antonio Gala (writer)

Antonio Gala (writer)  Antonio Gala was born in Brazatortas in 1930, although he himself would say he was Andalusian, from Cordoba. He went to secondary school in Cordoba and went on to study Philosophy and Arts in Seville. It was there where he started off experimenting with poetry and soon he was a master of this and other literary genres.

Antonio Gala's work cannot be divorced from his social image. Today, he is a widely recognised literary figure, even by people who have read none of his works, mainly due to the fact that he has created his own popular audience through his work on television. On the programme Paisajes con figuras (Landscape with figures), he told his particular version of the history of Spain in evocative, poetic language, using images accompanied by rhythmical, thought-provoking narrative. As well as his work on television, he has written lively articles for magazines and newspapers, such as the articles in the Charlas con Troylo (Talking to Troylo) series, in which he addresses his thoughts to his faithful, loving canine friend, Troylo.

In 1978 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the City of Cordoba.

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