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Antonio Fernández Grilo (poet)

Antonio Fernández Grilo (poet)  Antonio Fernandez Grilo was born in Cordoba in 1845 and died in Madrid in 1906. His spent his infancy and childhood in Cordoba, and won first prize in the “Floral Games” poetry competition organised by the cultural society Círculo de la Amistad in 1862, which set him on the road to becoming a poet. He was charming, cultured, quietly spoken and excellent at giving poetry recitals - when he moved to Madrid, he gave many recitals in the public halls of the Restoration period. His poetry was so light, superficial and easy to remember that the monarchs who made friends with him - Isabel II, Alfonso XII, María Cristina and Alfonso XIII - were able to quote entire poems from memory. Among his collections of poetry are Poesías (Poems) (1869) – re-edited in 1879, and Ideales (Ideals), published in Paris in 1891 under the patronage of Isabel II, and he later obtained the patronage of Alfonso XII. Some of his most famous poems are those entitled La nochebuena (Christmas Eve), Adiós al convento (Goodbye to the Convent), La chimenea campesina (The Country Fireplace), amongst others, in which his florid style, fertile imagination and poetic instinct can be fully appreciated.

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