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Above all, quality
Tiempo Córdoba

Aims of the S.I.C.T.E.D.

  • To achieve a model which covers (applying the umbrella model) and at the same time complements other quality systems, setting up mechanisms to integrate and focus on the steps taken towards achieving a common goal, thus consolidating the individual efforts made on a sub-sector level.
  • To promote and make uniform the quality levels in the different sectors which make up the tourist destination, to favour long-term integrated steps as well as to strengthen the company fabric, thus avoiding noticeably large quality gaps between different components or agents which make up the offer - which can affect the perception and satisfaction of tourists.
  • To achieve widespread awareness about the tourist destination, greater co-ordination between the different agents involved and the design of new tourist products in line with new market demands.
  • To carry out all the necessary steps to facilitate decision-making and planning.
Ayuntamiento de Córdoba