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Agricultura Gardens

Linking the western end of Ronda de los Tejares with Avenida de América, are the public gardens called the Agricultura Gardens. They got their name from the allotments which covered this area when the local town hall bought the site in 1866, and in the 1930s, benches and dovecotes were added. It is known nowadays as Jardín de los Patos (Garden of the Ducks), due to the large number of ducks in the pond. From the wide variety of species of trees growing in the park, the rarest is the fine specimen of ginkgo (a species which has survived from the Mesozoic era). The park contains several monuments, such as the one in honour of Julio Romero de Torres or the composer Martínez Rucker.
The garden has recently been redesigned to include a children's play area, ensuring that both young and old will enjoy a visit to this park.


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