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Abn Hazam (poet)

Abn Hazam (poet) Abn Hazam was born in Cordoba on 7th November 994, son of Ahmed Abn Hazm, a distinguished scholar who was minister in the court of the Caliph Hixem II and a Visir of Almanzor.

He spent his childhood in the hidden recesses of the harem, and here among the women, as well as learning to write and to recite verses of the Koran, he discovered all the secrets of their sexual lives, which awoke in him, from an early age, his intelligence and moral sense about female psychology.

He attended the courses run by the most famous teachers in the capital of the Western Caliphate.
However, trouble soon broke out in the Caliphate, and his family’s possessions were confiscated and his father assassinated; he was forced to flee to Almeria, where he met Num, the great love of his life.

He was an extremely versatile writer, producing a huge number of works on science, law, philosophy as well as other literary genres – all in all, over 400 works written on over 80,000 sheets of parchment.

His best known work is The Dove’s Collar, a book of love poems, each including a moral.

"I love you with unchangeable love,
while so many human loves are no more than a mirage".

"If in my spirit there was anything else but you,
I would tear it out and rip it up with my own hands"

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