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Tiempo Córdoba

El Churrasco

This prestigious restaurant-museum is housed in a 14th century Jewish building, right in the heart of the historic quarter around the Mosque ? which has recently been declared a World Heritage Site. Apart from the main dining room on the first floor, there are a number of private dining rooms. There is also a traditional Cordoban courtyard which is used as a dining room, and in winter the tables are dressed with the traditional enagüillas (thick, round tablecloth) with a brasero de picón (charcoal heater) underneath the table. The wine cellars are in the house next door, which also dates from the same period, and here there is a wide selection of local wines as well as all the best-known Spanish and International wines.

Contact details
Address Romero, 16
Post code 14003 - Córdoba
Telephone +34 957 290 819
Fax +34 957 294 081
Information of interest
Average Price 36 euros
Capacity 200 persons
Closed None
Dining rooms available Several dining rooms:
Salón Mudéjar, el Saloncito Azul, De la Abuela, el Invernadero and others
Restaurants - Traditional Cuisine
Restaurants - Historic Quarter
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