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Flamenco Insights

Flamenco Insights

Flamenco Insights invites you to learn about Flamenco in a typical Cordoban house in the Santa Marina district hosted by the Merengue Family, one of the best known Flamenco families in Cordoba.

The experience involves taking part in a beginner’s Flamenco dance class, learning all about the history of Flamenco in Cordoba, trying out the typical products of the Cordoban cuisine in the 'Merengue de Cordoba’ Flamenco club (peña flamenca), one of the few remaining antique taverns in the city, and enjoying a thrilling Flamenco show in a private, exclusive showing.

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Address C/ Isabel Losa, 10
Post code 14001 - Córdoba
Telephone +34 666 509 300
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