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Carmen GastroFlamenco

Carmen GastroFlamenco

Right in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, you can find the Flamenco show Carmen GastroFlamenco, an attractive combination of Flamenco and gourmet food, with 2 performances each day, where you can really experience the passion of live Flamenco.

The show on the Carmen Gastroflamenco stage lasts an hour and a quarter.

The performance draws from a team of 7 artists with over 15 years of experience, among which are several "National Award" winners in the song or dance category: guitarist Antonio Contíñez (Young Flamenco Prize) and star dancer Rafael del Pino 'Keko' (National Dance prize "Juana La Macarrona 'at the National Flamenco Art Contest in 1998). The audience is seated right up close to the artists, and the Carmen stage, with a capacity for over 70 spectators, is really conducive to feeling the magic of Flamenco at close quarters.

The Tablao stage has a distinct Andalusian-Arabic style, with Moorish arches in every corner and attractive courtyards. One of the most interesting features is the cave, which is now used for private groups, but which long ago, in the twelfth century, served as escape route for Jews who were threatened and persecuted by the Almohad dynasty.

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