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Sociedad Plateros de María Auxiliadora

Sociedad de Plateros of Cordoba was created in 1868 to help the most underprivileged silversmiths. This Sociedad de Plateros tavern dates back to 1930 and was the fourth in the chain.

It is currently managed by Manuel Bordallo Romero who has created a family-like atmosphere that attracts an exquisite clientele and has re-launched this establishment to create awareness in and outside our city. He has made it so the house has been visited, interviewed and televised by many of today's figures and programmes.

It was home to the Grupo Cántico poets and an endless list of famous and distinguished cultural figures have stopped by like Pablo Garcia Baena and Juan Bernier as well as other writers, poets, playwrights, musicians, novelists, sculptors, philosophers, journalists, politicians, painters, flamenco experts and bullfighters from Cordoba and other cities.

Although there are still other taverns in the city with the name Sociedad de Plateros, each one is managed  separately. The Sociedad on calle María Auxiliadora has earned the nick-name Posada del Bacalao (Codfish House) due to its specialisation and the wide variety of possibilities offered by its menu related to this product.

Its extensive menu, which is completely based on 100% Cordovan products, features Cordoba style oxtail and pork loin, bacon with artichokes, tripe, codfish with almonds and shrimp and golden codfish scrambled eggs. The specialty is codfish in general and the many ways of preparing and eating it that this historic tavern has developed.

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Address María Auxiliadora, 25
Post code 14002 - Córdoba
Telephone +34 957 470 304
Telephone 2 +34 637 081 137
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