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The colours of Cordoba
Tiempo Córdoba

The May Crosses of Cordoba (Spain)

At the beginning of May, the tradition of the May Crosses follows a street parade called "the Battle of the Flowers" in which floats decorated with flowers are driven though the city to welcome the coming of spring.
In the May Crosses, huge crosses decorated with flowers, plants in pots and manila shawls, are put up in courtyards and squares, and the neighbourhood associations and local clubs set up a bar serving traditional tapas and drinks to the visitors. Traditional Sevillanas music is played and dance shows are performed by night.

To get the perfect image of Cordoba in May, just stroll round the districts of San Basilio, San Andrés, Santa Marina, San Agustín and the city centre during the May Crosses festival.

MAY CROSSES FESTIVAL OF CORDOBA 2018: 27th April to 1st May.
Until the complete information about the May Crosses Festival of Cordoba 2018 is ready, we suggest you to take a look at the information of 2017 below (it uses to be very similar each year):

MAY CROSSES FESTIVAL OF CORDOBA 2017: 27th April to 1st May.
2017 May Crosses' map & programme: Click here

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba