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The colours of Cordoba
Tiempo Córdoba

Popular festivities and fairs

During the months of June, July, August, September and October, the are a large number of local festivities and fairs held in the city districts, with a great festive atmosphere, and they show just how idiosyncratic Cordoban festivals can be. Flamenco, tapas and wine are all brought together and, above all, the joy of sharing special moments with neighbours, family and friends.

2017 Popular festivities and fairs:
-Feria Barriada de Los Ángeles: 29th June to 2nd July
-Popular festivities: June to October
-Feria de El Higuerón: 5th to 9th July
-Feria de Villarrubia: 12nd to 16th July
-Feria de Cerro Muriano: 19th to 23rd July
-Feria de Santa Cruz: 27th to 30th July
-Feria de Alcolea: 2nd to 6th August
-Feria de Trassierra: 16th to 20th August
-Velá de la Fuensanta: 7th to 10th September

Ayuntamiento de Córdoba