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Craftwork in Cordoba (Spain)

Craftwork is hugely important in Cordoba, and proof of this is the award given to the historic quarter of Cordoba in July 2014 as an “Area of Craft Interest” by the Andalusian Regional Government.

The old quarter is a veritable warren of pottery workshops, papier-maché workshops, guitar makers, leather embossers, Arab silverware, leather goods, Arab pottery shops, textile printers, jewellery shops and statue makers.

Leather is the raw material used in making the famous Cordobanes and Guadamecies, which are pieces of leather embossed, modelled and coloured with modern or classical designs. Nowadays only a few family-based workshops keep up this traditional handicraft.

Gold and silverwork is one of the main driving forces of the city's economy. One of the best known techniques is Cordoban filigree work, which consists of soldering gold or silver threads onto a metal structure to create different shapes.

There is a huge number of jewellers' in Cordoba with jewellery on display in the shop windows from exclusive designs to classic or avant-garde styles. Cordoba is a main centre of production for gold and silverwork and its designs are internationally famous.

There is a strong tradition of pottery-making in the north of the province, using high quality clay which, after baking, is decorated with designs and motifs which originated in Moslem Cordoba.

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