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Cordoba Local Tourist Board logoThe Cordoba Local Tourist Board is a public municipal body formed by Cordoba Town Hall together with the Confederation of Business People of Cordoba (CECO and the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cordoba.

Its creation was officially recorded in the Andalusian Government Official Bulletin (known as BOJA) on 2nd April 2002. Its main objective is to promote and encourage tourism in the city of Cordoba and it has the following main functions: 
-to promote activities aimed at increasing the tourist demand
-to promote the active presence of Cordoba in the tourist market, helping to co-ordinate all parties interested in encouraging tourism.
-to consolidate the improvement in quality of what Cordoba offers tourists.    
-to favour and promote the organisation of conventions, meetings and similar national and international activities in the city of Cordoba.
-to collaborate with public or private entities to promote Cordoba.
-to study and analyse the current state of tourism in the city and provide the sector with these findings.
-to run facilities and installations of interest to tourists or to the city in general.
-to promote, run and publicise products and services of interest to tourists.
-to co-ordinate its activity with the municipal departments and offices which deal with similar areas to those the Local Tourist Board is involved in.

In its role as co-ordinator, the Local Tourist Board is either a member of or takes part in:
-The AVE (High Speed Train) Network of Cities
-The European Tourist Cities network
-The Integrated System of Quality in Tourist Destinations (SICTED)
-The Network of Cities on the banks of the Guadalquivir River
-The Network of Cathedral Cities

Cordoba Local Tourist Board
C/ Rey Heredia, 22
14003 Cordoba - Spain
Tel: +34 902 201 774  Fax: +34 957 200 159

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